Minutes of Board Meeting August 29 2016
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Phil Grant, Sally Lash, Jane and Jim Peet, Marie Giusto, Mariam Corbett, Mary Campbell, Norbert Knapp, and Ann Lawson.


EXCUSED ABSENSES: Bob Wildman, Fred Yamashita, Cheryl Graffi, and Sandra Knapp.

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by President Philip Grant in the home of Sally Lash.

SECRETARY:Three persons are alternating as Secretary (Sally Lash, Cheryl Graffi and Ann Lawson). Ann Lawson took the minutes of this meeting. The July minutes were presented and a motion made to approve as written. MSP

TREASURER: Sally distributed her Balance Sheet and Budget Income and Expenses for month ending July. She noted that her reports are always a month late because of the meeting dates. She reported that the cost of moving our trophy case to Norco from Mammoth was $1,909. She paid three months rent on our storage room and also did the taxes. She deposited $940 in dues.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: Mariam reported we have 112 members, expects 77 checks and has received 48 leaving 29 yet to pay which means 60 percent have paid. To date, she has received $1,365 in checks, deposited $940. Jane commented that she was doing a great job. Mariam noted that the Roster needs to be updated and it was suggested that Sally, Norbert and Sandra give their input.

V.P. SOCIAL: Marie reported on her upcoming events:

October fest, October 22 - She spoke to Trudi at the Bavarian Club. Cost will be $40. Marie will have Verena do a blast and she will do a flyer. It will conflict with the Los Angeles Council’s Snow Gala, but we will be represented at the Gala by the Knapps since Sandra is still on their Board.

Halloween Party, October 30 - It was decided this party will be on Sunday, October 30 in the Knapp’s recreation room. To reserve the room, a check needs to be written in Norbert’s name for $75. A $125 security deposit check is also required made out to Eaton Crest HOA. Sally will write these checks this evening. Discussion on the “BYOB” issue was brought up by Marie. She would like to discontinue this requirement. Sally and Ann were at a meeting with Far West’s Insurance Agent, Fred Liebel, and this is what came out of that meeting. Phil suggested that we continue this practice for six events and then we will bring it up again. This party will be a potluck – no charge to members.

Christmas Party, December 10 - Originally planned for the Campbell’s but with the number of participants expected (50), it was decided to hold it in the Knapp’s recreation room. Bob Chapman who is furnishing the tables, etc., said it would be easier for him. Marie has $700 left from the Luau which will be used for thi - Originally planned for the Campbell’s but with the number of participants expected (50), it was decided to hold it in the Knapp’s recreation room. Bob Chapman who is furnishing the tables, etc., said it would be easier for him. Marie has $700 left from the Luau which will be used for this party. A check made out to Norbert, for $150 to cover the two events (Halloween and Christmas) will be required. The security deposit can be used for both parties. It will be a “BYOB”, but Norbert will check with Fred, our insurance agent, to see if there is any way we can serve liquor. He will e-mail the Board with Fred’s comments. Marie wants to have eggnog and wine. Phil asked if Marie would do the catering – Marie said the caterers she checked with were very costly and she would do some of it herself. Cost will be $40 per person. Discussion on how much was made on former Christmas parties. Sally and Phil will get together to discuss these figures.

Day at the Races - October 8: Sally will handle.

Visit to Ski Library in Norco: It was decided that November 9 or 10 would be a good time to go. Ann will check with Ingrid Wicken to arrange the visit with lunch afterwards.

Fred Yamashita: Marie stated that since Fred Yamashita does so much for the club in the way of photographing parties, etc., and does not charge the club, she would like to honor him in some way. It was suggested a free dinner at the Christmas Party.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: A written report was distributed by Ann to the Board Members and is attached to these Minutes. In addition to the report, the following was discussed:

Service Auction, as in the past, GSC will pick up the first drink for all members in attendance.

President’s plaque, Sally will handle the engraving and prior to having it done will send a list to Ann for proofing.

NACHRICHTEN: Since there are many activities in October, Jane will do a small Fall Issue which will include flyers for the Service Auction, Snow Gala, Oktoberfest, and Ski Trip. She should be able to send it out by October 8.

ADVISOR / PAST PRESIDENT: Not present – no report.


L.A. Council Representative (Ann Lawson).
See report attached.

FWSA Representative (Norbert and Sandra Knapp). Norbert reported that their convention will be in Boise, Idaho next year. They have many activities planned and it should be a very good convention. It will be Jane Wykoff’s last. She has run this convention for a number of years. The Knapps will be traveling in Europe and will be unable to attend which is a first for them in many years.

PRESIDENT: Phil presented a stack of e-mails he had received from L.A. Council. As reported earlier, he will be meeting with Sally to have her explain the financials. His question to the Board was, “Do we do these activities to make money or have fun?” The answer was, “Both”.

The next Board Meeting will be held at Norbert and Sandra Knapp’s on September 26 at 5 PM. Norbert stated that this would be a good time for Marie to look at the facilities for the Christmas Party. It was noted that Mariam, Sally, and Cheryl would not be in attendance at this meeting.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 6:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Lawson, Secretary

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