Minutes of Board Meeting May 22 2017
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Peet, Jim Peet, Ann Lawson, Cheryl Graffi, Mary Campbell, Phil Grant, Sally Lash.

OTHER MEMBERS PRESENT: Marie Giusto, Sandra Knapp.

EXCUSED ABSENSES: Bob Wildman, Mariam Corbett.

The meeting was called to order 5:04 by Phil Grant – quorum established.

SECRETARY: The minutes of the April meeting were accepted and approved. Motion by Ann Lawson 2nd by Sally Lash.

TREASURER: Total Assets April 2017- $12,047.03. Party Fund $380.34. The 2017-2018 budget was presented, $11,295.00 (Attached) Motion to accept by Sally Lash, 2nd Mary Campbell, Passed. Expenses for 2016-2017 totaled $11,690.60.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: Mariam e-mailed up to date Excel files to Jim Peet and Ann Lawson including the new membership form with the $5.00 dues increase. Dues renewal date is September 1st. If any information in the Roster is incorrect notify Jim Peet . Thank you to Mariam for a wonderful job.

V.P. SOCIAL: Sally will bring some floral centerpieces to the installation banquet on Wed. There are 27 people signed up and Norbert will install the officers. The Luau will be hosted at Phil and Susan Grant’s home. Marie Giusto, Membership and chairperson will organize preparation, food and drink along with her committee. Marie requested a financial advance prior to buying supplies for a social activity. Marie will receive an advance, committee people will submit their individual bills if any to Marie and she will reimburse them. A complete final accounting including a breakdown of all expenses for the activity will be submitted by Marie after the function.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: Ann’s report (attached) One person has signed up for the Ski trip to Steamboat. There is one family suite available in Steamboat. Lift ticket information will be in the Nachrichten.

NACHRICHTEN: Next due date for articles is June 7th. Adriana had her twins Sophia and Luke each weighing 5lbs on April 27th. Everyone is doing well. The Luau Flyer needs to be submitted by June 7th. Notice for the FWSA/L A Council ski trip to Banff will appear in the Nachrichten. The Snow Gala date will be 10/4 or 10/11. The date and venue is to be determined. Sandra will submit a write up for the Nachrichten. The GSC event planning for the rest of 2017 will be done at the June Board Meeting. Marie will fill in for Ann at the L A Council meetings when needed.

PRESIDENT: The board thanked Phil and Susan for a successful Spring Party in their home.

NEW BUSINESS: Sandra suggested an additional donation to the FWSA scholarship fund. Discussion followed. GSC made a $500.00 donation 10/30/2016 covering the year 2016. No further donations are to be made until after the first of our fiscal year.

The next board meeting will be Monday June 26th location TBD, possibly Viva’s in Burbank Sally moved to adjourn:

ADJOURNED: 5:55 by Phil Grant, President

Respectfully submitted by: Cheryl Graffi

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Member of FWSA & L.A. Council
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