Minutes of Board Meeting April 24 2017
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Peet, Jim Peet, Ann Lawson, Cheryl Graffi, Mary Campbell, Phil Grant, Mariam Corbett , Sally Lash.



The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. by President Philip Grant – quorum established.

SECRETARY: :The minutes of the March meeting were accepted and approved. Motion by Ann Lawson 2nd by Jane Peet.

TREASURER: :Total Assets March 2017 $15,039.55. The party fund is $380.34.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: 41 Men – 54 Women – total 95 Members – 74 Households. Phil, Sally and Mariam need to go into the bank to delete Mariam Corbett from the Wescom Stamp and signature Cards on the bank accounts. Philip Grant and Sally Lash will be on the Ski Club Account, Ann Lawson and Sally Lash on the travel account. Mariam was on the account as a depositor only, as an accommodation for her to make deposits in the area she lives.

V.P. SOCIAL: May 6th is the Spring Party at Phil and Susan Grant’s. Phil and Susan need a head count and what dishes are being brought. The blasts are still not being received by many members. It is suggested since Jane receives the blasts she can forward through e-mail to the members. Everyone was in agreement. Sally has made the reservations with the Santa Anita Golf Club for the Installation lunch on May 24th. Rosie at Santa Anita needs a head count one week before the event. Ann will take reservations along with Sally and Ann will call Rosie with the count as Sally will not be in town. Lunch is $15.00 including tax, tip and soft drinks. There are 4 entrées to choose from. There will be a no host bar, the drinks are reasonably priced. A table will be set up for GSC to provide dessert. Sally made a motion that GSC pay for the dessert, Ann Lawson 2nd, motion passed. Sally will prepare a flyer and send to Jane and Jane will e-mail to the members.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: Ann will send her report to the board members. Annual trip proposal to Steamboat 2/3/18 – 2/10/18 is $1,700.00 that includes 28 people. Ann hopes to get a bigger room to use for the parties that will be an extra $300.00. The LA Council elections were April 3rd the new President is David Krupp. The FWSA trip is 2/3/2018 to Banff, Canada. The visit to the Norco Ski museum was last weekend. The library has been fixed up beautifully. Jane found and donated old lift tickets which were much appreciated. 15 people went and Judy Lafferty hosted a pot luck after the library visit2.

NACHRICHTEN: Jane will get the blasts out on the Installation and Spring Party. The next Nachrichten will go out after May. The deadline for articles is June 7th. Sally commented that out of 74 households 49 copies are being mailed costing approximately $150.00 every issue. ($35.00 postage - $110.00 for Printing) Sally suggested increasing the snail mail recipients’ dues $10.00 a year to cover the expenses, there was discussion. Phil suggested $5.00 dues increase. Ann made a motion to raise the dues $5.00 across the board, Sally 2nd. Motion passed. $5.00 dues increase effective June 1st.

PRESIDENT: Has LA Council, Far West, and National Ski Council Federation newsletters and announcements if anyone wishes to review.

NEW BUSINESS: Election results: President, Philip Grant; Secretary, Pam Jensen; Treasurer, Sally Lash; V.P. Social, Marie Giusto; V.P. Special, Ann Lawson; Membership, Jim Peet; Nachrichten. Jane Peet. Philip will check with the previous appointed officers to see if they will continue. Marie Giusto has been awarded Life Membership. Sally suggested as a Field activity in August a trip to the Autry’s new resource center then over to the Autry to view the new California exhibit and from there to the Golden Road for lunch. The group would be divided into two personalized tours. The proposed date is August 10th.

COMMENTS: Marie shared a phone message from Barbara Kunkel, thanking GSC for the wonderful time at the Norco Ski Library and they hope to get more active in GSC.

The next board meeting will be Monday May 22nd at the Grants Ann Lawson motioned to adjourn, Mariam Corbett 2nd.

ADJOURNED: 6:20 by Phil Grant. Respectively submitted, Cheryl Graffi, Secretary

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