Minutes of Board Meeting February 27 2017
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Peet, Jim Peet, Ann Lawson, Cheryl Graffi, Mary Campbell, Phil Grant.

OTHER MEMBERS PRESENT: Sandra Knapp, Norbert Knapp.

EXCUSED ABSENSES: Mariam Corbett, Sally Lash, Bob Wildman.

The meeting was called to order 5:10 by Phil Grant – quorum established.

SECRETARY: The minutes of the January meeting were accepted and approved. Motion by Ann Lawson 2nd by Jane Peet.

TREASURER: Sally not in attendance, Total Assets January 2017, $17,353.07, expenses were $189.20. Sally gave Phil notice that she is checking into the Santa Anita Club house for our Installation she has been unable to get in touch with the banquet coordinator as of yet . Sandra will check with Swiss Park. Last year’s expense at San Antonio winery was excessive. The elections are slated for 4/19, may be changed to 4/5. The nominating committee selected for the April election is; Phil Grant, Ann Lawson and Jim Peet. Norbert will handle the election. The nominating committee is to be announced 30 days prior to election in the Nachrichten. Phil and Ann will go to the storage room, clean out, and make an inventory list.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: The printers estimate for the Roster and not been received to date.  Pam Blower has paid her dues, our membership is 97.

V.P. SOCIAL: The valentine party was a wonderful success and everything was cleaned up, Per Mary. The Oak Tree has been reserved for the Christmas party December 9th. Norbert suggested for entertainment, a DJ that recently played at the Elks club. The luau will be in August date TBD. Norbert suggested that Marie be requested to do the food for the Luau. A spring party to be planned date TBD. Jane suggested that the March 15th meeting be a St. Pats theme wearing green and ask Pam Jensen to get a cake. Service auction Bingo party has been changed to April 15th.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: The service auction Bingo party will be 5/13. Ann attached to her report the list of names of those that will be attending the service auction brunch at the Van Klaverens. They had a good trip to Beaver Creek.  Ann will again check with Ingrid in Norco about visiting the museum and our trophy case and if Judy Lafferty is still interested in doing the pot luck at her home.

NACHRICHTEN: The service auction Bunco party will be 4/1. In the March issue of the Nachrichten she will include the Far West Convention information taking place in June. Presidents message and articles need to be submitted by next week’s deadline.

FWSA: No one from Grindelwald has yet to sign up to go to the FWSA convention in June.

COMMENTS: Ann called to the attention that Fred put videos of the Beaver Creek ski trip on the web site. Norbert and Sandy attended Johanna Wiebe’s funeral last Saturday.

PRESIDENT: Life member, Jean Sink passed away February 15th. Jean’s niece sent $100.00 contribution to GSC.  FWSA is looking for submission of club member’s names for special recognition at the Convention. The criteria for newsletter entry categories have been changed into tiers, opening up the opportunity for GSC to submit our Nachrichten. Per Sandra we could also enter the charitable category showing our donations during the year. LA Council is sponsoring and sent notice regarding is Hope on the slopes ride for the cure for the American Cancer society.  Suggestion from Phil to donate $200.00 to Hope on the Slopes, a vote was taken and passed.  Hope on the, ski and ride for the cure (American Cancer Society). Ski magazine has stopped publishing; they have gone out of business.  We will look into posting our Nachrichten on the L A Council web site. Phil brought up the possibility of planning additional activities, going to the movies, museums, trips etc. In the past VP of Field handled this now it would be handled by Social. A notice will be in the next Nachrichten for those eligible to become a life member to submit an application.

The next board meeting will be Monday March 27, at Jane and Jim Peets.

ADJOURNED: 6:10 by Phil Grant

Respectfully submitted by: Cheryl Graffi

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