Minutes of Board Meeting November 29 2016
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Sally Lash, Jane Peet, Ann Lawson, Cheryl Graffi, Mariam Corbett, Bob Wildman, Mary Campbell, Phil Grant.



The meeting was called to order at 5:12 p.m. by Phil Grant.

SECRETARY: The minutes of the October meeting were corrected (Unrecables donation was $100.00. and the spelling of Mariam’s name) and approved. Motion by Sally Lash, 2nd by Bob Wildman.

TREASURER: Thank you note was received from Bob Schmidt’s family for the $100.00 donation made to the Unrecables in Bob’s name. Total assets as of this date are $17,016.82.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: The first draft of the roster was edited by Mariam and Mary and final draft taken back to the printers. The roster will be distributed at the Christmas Party. We have 97 members, consisting 56 women and 41 men. Jane reported Benno has an ulcer, is on a ventilator and will be staying in Reno while healing. He will be going into rehab in Reno. E-mails and cards are welcomed. Jane made a card for all the board members to sign. It was suggested that an announcement be sent to the membership.

V.P. SOCIAL: The V.P. Social Chair has not been filled. Phil has made a few calls and announcements with no response. Mariam suggested the board set up a committee for each event. The Christmas party program will be set up by Cheryl and Jane. Phil will be charge of the wine. Sally will collect Toys for Tots box from the Arroyo storage center and return to the center full of toys. Ann will get the President’s gift. There are 33 signed up for the Christmas Party. Jane will mail out Christmas party information to the people without e-mail.

The Valentine party will be on Tuesday Feb. 14th. It will be a pot luck. A setup and clean up committee is needed. The location for the St. Patricks party Friday March 17th is to be determined. A BLAST will be sent out with details.

Some people are still not getting the BLASTS which are sent over the internet. The information on the BLASTS should be incorporated into the Nachrichten for those with no internet and we need to correct the system for those not getting the BLASTS over the internet.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: Ann reported the trip t Ann reported the trip to Beaver Creek Co. is 100% paid. She had 3 cancellations and 1 addition.
The trip to Norco to see the trophy case was postponed until January. Ann will be checking with Judy Lafferty if she is still available to have pot luck after the museum visit. Ann stated Gunter Schultz the builder of the trophy case will be at the Christmas party.

NACHRICHTEN: Net Nachrichten will be in January not December. January 4th is the deadline for articles and party information. There will be labels printed to mail the rosters that are not picked up in person.

ADVISOR / PAST PRESIDENTADVISOR PAST PRESIDENT: Bob passed around the flyer and signup sheet for the New Year’s party at the Glendale Elks. He discussed the possibility of a lighter weight sound system with Bluetooth speakers that weighs around 8lbs and runs $100.00.

L.A. COUNCIL: The 2017 Far West Convention will be in Boise, Idaho in June.

PRESIDENT: Sutter Kunkel from Harry and David giving club members a 30% discount. To get the discount we would have to supply Harry and David with our membership roster. Our membership list is not to be used for solicitation. Mariam will call Sutter and explain. Sutter also asked about Mammoth bus trips he could get a special deal on a bus. He didn’t get back to Phil on details. The club could do bus trips for skiers and non skiers just for a getaway.

Our inventory in the storage unit needs to be checked and cleaned up. See what we have for social activities.

The next board meeting will be Monday January 16th at Sally’s hosted by Cheryl and Sally

ADJOURNED: 6:25 by Bob Wildman

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Graffi

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