Minutes of Board Meeting October 24 2016
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Sally Lash,Sally Lash, Jane Peet, Ann Lawson, Cheryl Graffi, Miriam Corbett, Bob Wildman, Jim Peet, Mary Campbell, Norbert Knapp, Verena Somer.



The meeting was called to order at 4:40 p.m. by Miriam Corbett.

SECRETARY: The minutes of the September meeting were approved as printed. Motion by Sally Lash, 2nd by Bob Wildman.

TREASURER: The service auction brought in $5,145.00 and all monies have been paid into the treasury. Sally thanked Ann, Verena, and Miriam for their assistance helping the auction to run smoothly. Total assets reported 9/30/2016 $16,272.75..

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: Miriam report 97 members, 41 male and 56 female. Membership income to be deposited $167.00. Discussion regarding dues paid by Kurt Myers and Don Devor both deceased. Don Devor has a GO FUND ME acct. Membership fees are to be a donation to the club.

V.P. SOCIAL: Marie has turned in her resignation. Norbert stated his disappointment at no board support for Marie and requested they call her. The Halloween party will run as planned at the Knapps recreation room. Marie gave the Knapps all the supplies and Ann the list of food and attendees. Discussion: deciding the distribution of work for the party. Prices for costumes 1st,2nd,3rd will be cash. It was unanimous that the Christmas party will be at the Barkley Sat. Dec. 17th 5:30 cocktails,6:30 dinner. Price will be determined and reported after lunch at Barkley’s Tues. 10/25 by Sally. A deposit of $100.00 will be paid on Tues. Verena will send a blast to notify all members of the change in venue. Sallly will be listed as the contact person for RSVP etc. Marie canceled the magician.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: Ann reported the travel account has $210.15 left in the account after making the ski trip deposit of $7,000.00. There were 6 Grindelwalders at the October fest held at the Bavarian club. The trip to the NORCO ski museum on Nov.5th will follow with a pot luck lunch at Judy Lafferty’s .

NACHRICHTEN: Next Nachrichten will be in December. Jane will set up a flyer for the Christmas party to be handed out at Halloween party and other GSC functions. Jane will send our e-mail group list to Verena.

L.A. COUNCIL: L A Council: Norbert and Sandra attended the Snow Gala at the Embassy Suites Airport. There were 50 people in attendance. L A Woman of the year is Jane Gutierrez L A Man of the year Aaron Algazy. NEW BUSINESS: Charitable donations: Ann moved, Bob 2nd to give Unrecables $500.00. Norbert suggested Far West Foundation for Jr. Athletes and Sierra Madre Search and Rescue. Ann moved and Bob 2nd, $500. To Far West Foundation for Jr. Athletes and $250. To Sierra Madre Search and Rescue. All passed unanimously by the board..




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