Minutes of Board Meeting January 16 2017
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Sally Lash, Jane Peet, Ann Lawson, Cheryl Graffi, Mariam Corbett, Bob Wildman, Mary Campbell, Phil Grant .



The meeting was called to order at 5:14 p.m. by Phil Grant – quorum established.

SECRETARY: The minutes of the November meeting were accepted and approved.
Motion by Sally Lash, 2nd by Ann Lawson.

TREASURER: Total Assets for November $15,306.24 Total Assets for December 17,461.26. $2,000 was transferred from savings to checking a week ago. No major expenses coming up. Sally thanked the club for the Toys for Tots collection. It was a success. The updated Presidents plaque was given to Phil for safe keeping.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: She hasn’t been able to contact Jean Sink, she will send a Nachrichten to the old address for forwarding and enclose a note for Jean to contact us. The file is completed for all members on Excel, now a mail merge can be done as an input file for labels etc.

V.P. SOCIAL: The Christmas party was very successful. Christmas party for 2017, Cheryl will check with the Oak Tree and Sally will check into the Santa Anita golf club. Phil has the information on the wireless speaker. To play music it needs to be plugged into a blue tooth. Everyone agreed on the red color. Sally will order. The original price shown was $150.00 plus $17.00 shipping. When Phil checked on line it was down to $89.00 plus $17.00 shipping.

We have no location for the St Pats party. It was suggested that the Sunday March 19th Van Klaverens service auction brunch be extended to include other members wishing to attend and make the brunch the St pats party. Ann will check with the Van Klaverens. Phil also suggested maybe a springtime party. A sign up sheet was passed around for the Valentine party. Jane Peet will be the contact person. Miriam and Cheryl will do clean up. Sally will pick up beer and water. The Highlander Chorus will be entertaining.

V.P. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES/TRAVEL: There have been 4 cancellations for the Beaver Creek trip. 16 people are going on the trip. A date for the trip to Norco will be set after the Beaver Creek trip.

NACHRICHTEN: The Nachrichten is being finished up.

L.A. COUNCIL: The 2017 Far West Convention will be in Boise, Idaho in June. Phil inquired about the convention. The convention activities were explained.

WEBMASTER: Verena’s friend Bob Sharpe is going to try to get into the website to update since Benno is still very ill.

PRESIDENT: The next board meeting will be Monday February 27, at Viva Mexican restaurant in Burbank.

ADJOURNED: 6:14by Phil Grant.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Graffi

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