Minutes of Board Meeting July 27, 2015
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Alicia McVicker, Jane Peet, Jim Peet, Ann Lawson, Marie Giusto, Sally Lash, Bob Wildman, Dot Steeves.

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by President Alicia McVicker.

SECRETARY: On motion made and seconded the Minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

TREASURER: Sally stated that the rent on our storage facility is being raised $4.00 to $91.00 a month. She pays 3 months at a time for convenience. Sally will get the club taxes done before the end of the summer.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: Jim reported that the membership forms will be mailed out by August 1st and dues are payable by September 1st.

V.P. SOCIAL: Marie reported that the Luau was a great success. We were a little in the red but by using the leftovers for our Board meeting we made out O.K. Alicia asked whether the reports turned in to Sally could be consolidated. Sally said there were three reports, Marie’s expenses, Sandra’s expenses and Income and everything was finalized now. She mentioned that Sandra and Norbert did not pay because of their help and Norbert paid the attendance for Wailers’ president, who helped with the beer (what else!). Phil and Susan have invited the Club back next year. Marie will send out an e-mail re items left at the Luau.

V.P. SPECIAL: Ann reported that she attended the Swiss Fair and was told that Swiss Park is unable to take our trophy case because they are not proceeding with the additio Ann stated that she attended the Swiss Fair and was told that Swiss Park is unable to take our trophy case because they are not proceeding with the addition. Ann will contact Gretchen at the Ski Museum to see about placing the trophy case there. Bob suggested that an item be placed in the Nachrichten asking for a home for the trophy case. Verena will do a blast for the annual trip. A copy of Ann’s report is attached to these minutes.

NACHRICHTEN: The next Nachrichten will be out August 7th. Ann has pictures from the Far West Convention. Sandra Knapp took pictures also and Jane will ask her about them.

ADVISOR Bob stated that he, Ann and Richard Berklite had attended the Swiss Fair.

PRESIDENT: Alicia had no comment.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Re: Drinking at GSC parties. Marie said there was a lot of alcohol consumed at the Luau. Our insurer says the individual host of a GSC party is liable for people who may get pulled over for drinking too much and we need to take the keys from anyone who is noticeably inebriated. The board decided to table the discussion on alcohol at parties to be addressed by a future board. Bob suggested looking into an insurance policy which covers homeowners at a party. Sally will check on this with Fred.

Benno has sent a memo regarding mobile phones. Ann says a lot of the clubs are using the program. Sally says it takes a lot of work as you have to completely change the website and she doesn’t think it would be cost effective. Alicia suggested that Benno check into this and see what the cost is and how difficult it would be to program. Ann will send Benno a note.

Alicia will host the next BoarAlicia will host the next Board meeting on August 31st.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.
Dorothy Steeves, Secretary

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