Minutes of Board Meeting April 25, 2016
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Alicia McVicker, Ann Lawson, Bob Wildman,  Jane Peet, Jim Peet, Sally Lash, Marie Giusto, Dot Steeves.

GUESTS: Cheryl Graffi.

The meeting was called to order at 5:10 p.m. by President Alicia McVicker.

SECRETARY: On motion made by Sally Lash and seconded by Ann Lawson the Minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. MSP.

TREASURER: Sally stated that she wanted to provide Mariam Corbett with a debit card so she can make deposits in Orange County. She would like to have herself or Ann Lawson as signatories for the travel account and Phil, Mariam or herself as signatories for the Club account with Wescom Credit Union. Sally made a motion to this effect which was seconded by Ann. MSP.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: Jim advised there would be a revision to the membership form. He plans to set up a meeting with the incoming V.P. of Membership, Mariam Corbett, in order to give her any help or direction she might need. Ann Lawson said she would be available to attend any such meeting to give her input.

V.P. SOCIAL: : Marie reported that she has 28 paid and 4 unpaid sign-ups for the Installation Luncheon. There were questions about the amount of wine the club would provide. It was agreed that the club would provide a certain number of bottles of wine (sic. In the March 28, 2016 minutes the number was said to be 9) and if we run out then people would buy their own. Marie said that since the Grants would be out of the country for a month the Luau had to be set between the 16th and the 31st of July. It was suggested that we tentatively set the Luau for the 23rd of July subject to Susan and Phil’s approval.

Marie raised the question of where we should hold our Christmas Party. It was agreed that we would not have it at the Oak Tree Room this year and discussion was had about using a private home. Marie offered her home. Parking could be a problem. Marie said we could use a valet service. Discussion about possible use of the Campbell’s home. Dot agreed to speak to Mary and Bruce and report back to the Board. A date of December 10th was set for the Christmas Party which would not conflict with the 10th Mt. Division Christmas Luncheon on December 3rd. Marie said the party would be catered and we’d be fine for money since we wouldn’t have to rent a venue or pay for a musician if it was held at a private home.

Marie wanted to clear up the discrepancy regarding the cost of the Installation between the motion passed at our March 28th meeting reading “... $30 per person for the first 35 and $40 for anyone signing up after that” and the cost as published of $35 per person for the first 35 people. The motion as passed could not be undone. Marie in all good faith charged $35 for the first 35 people since to do otherwise would have been fiscally unsound. The change in the amount from $30 to $35 was therefore ratified by the Board.

V.P. SPECIAL: Ann reported that the destination of Beaver Creek has been chosen for the annual trip. Although it’s a little more expensive the accommodations are top quality and it is a ski-in, ski-out facility. She has sent in the paperwork for delegates to the Far West Convention. Ann is checking on moving companies for the trophy case removal. Sam Ireland has an in with Mayflower and will see if we can get a preferred rate. A copy of Ann’s report is attached to these minutes.

NACHRICHTEN: Jane is looking at June 15th as the deadline for the next issue.

ADVISOR: Bob reported that as Nominating Committee Chairman he ran the elections of officers at our annual meeting wherein the entire slate was elected by acclamation. New officers are Philip Grant, President elect and Mariam Corbett, V.P. Membership, elect, the Board to be installed on May 11, 2016 at San Antonio Winery.

PRESIDENT: Alicia thanked Bob for running the election and asked if he would also run the installation, to which he graciously agreed.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Marie asked Phil (who had joined the meeting after the discussion regarding the Luau) if a date of July 23rd would be O.K. for the Luau. Phil will check the date with Susan and advise.

NEW BUSINESS: Dot reported that Mariam Corbett had told her t Dot reported that Mariam Corbett had told her the Singles Ski Club was disbanding and suggested we invite them to join GSC. The suggestion was well received and Ann will find out who our contact with Singles should be. It was suggested that Verena could do a blast and Sally suggested we make a special invitation to their members to join us at the Luau.

The joint Board meeting will be held at the Peet’s on May 23rd. the Board the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy Steeves, Secretary

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Pasadena, CA 91109-1694
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