Minutes of Board Meeting March 28, 2016
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Alicia McVicker, Ann Lawson, Bob Wildman, Jane Peet, Sally Lash, Marie Guisto, Dot Steeves.


GUESTS: Philip Grant, Susan Grant.

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by President Alicia McVicker.

SECRETARY: On motion made and seconded the Minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. Ann wanted to clarify that we would be hiring a moving van to move the trophy case from Mammoth to Norco.

TREASURER: Sally stated that we had $18,138.95 in assets as of the end of February. She mentioned that we need to decide on our charitable donations for the year. This will be addressed under “New Business”. She needs the Nachrichten bill by the end of the week. The party fund now stands at $259.73.

V.P. MEMBERSHIP: was nothing to report in Jim Peet’s absence.

V.P. SOCIAL: : Marie reported that the St. Patrick’s Day party was a huge success and that the next event will be the Installation Luncheon, which she has arranged to be held at the San Antonio Winery on Wednesday, May 11th. We will be in the Heritage Room which is $250. Marie arranged to have Meal Plan B. Although it is slightly more expensive it has a better choice of meals. The price of the wine went up $5 a bottle from last year to $27 and Marie ordered 9 bottles. Marie guaranteed 35 people but suggested a special price for early sign-ups with a subsidy. Various suggestions were made as to how the sign-ups and subsidies should work. In the interest of simplification, Bob made a motion that the cost be $30 per person for the first 35 and $40 for anyone signing up after that. Ann seconded the motion. MSP.

V.P. SPECIAL: Although Ann has had input for the annual trip no destination has been decided as yet. She reiterated that the Service Auction has been planned for October 19th. Ann needs to know how many are interested in going to the Far West Convention in Scottsdale in June, noting that registration fees will be paid for. To date, Ann and Bob and Sandy and Norbert will be attending. Ann plans on attending the April 4th L.A. Council meeting. Alicia asked if she would thank Jane Gutierrez for the e-mails she sent to the clubs regarding activities.

NACHRICHTEN: Jane said the Nachrichten went to press this morning. The next issue will be out after the Installation Luncheon.

ADVISOR: Bob reported that we have a full slate of officers for the election to be held on April 20th as follows:

President: Philip Grant
VP Membership: Mariam Corbett
VP Special: Ann Lawson
VP Social: Marie Guisto
Secretary: Sally Lash alternating with Ann Lawson and Cheryl Graffi
Treasurer: Sally Lash
Nachrichten: Jim and Jane Peet
Past President/Advisor: Bob Wildman

Appointments At Present
L.A. Council Ann Lawson
International Suzy Kvammen
Promotions Verena Somer
Web Master Benno Rayhrer

Alicia added that the Club will be buying a drink for everyone present.

NEW BUSINESS: There was discussion as to what charities we would donate to. Sally moved that we donate $300 to the Unrecables and $100 each to Montrose Search & Rescue and Sierra Madre Search & Rescue. Seconded by Ann. MSP

The next meeting will be on April 5th at Alicia’s.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy Steeves, Secretary

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Pasadena, CA 91109-1694
Member of FWSA & L.A. Council
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